December 2021 Mortgage Markets Fluctuate to Cap off the Year

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With the U.S. facing a tight labor market, record-setting inflation, and supply chain issues, December 2021 mortgage markets fluctuated.

United States Resurgence Suffers in the Face of Emerging Obstacles

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The latest few months highlight the trend of the United States resurgence suffering. Key data revealed mixed results throughout the economy.

Informative ECB Meeting Indicates the Best Mortgage Rate Outcome

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This past week saw an informative ECB meeting and Fed report, indicating the best mortgage rate outcome heading into summer 2021. Despite a stronger than expected inflation report, investors focused elsewhere. Overall, the European Central Bank meeting provided a favorable result. Thus, mortgage rates ended the week a little lower. Informative ECB Meeting & Federal Reserve Report Thursday saw an informative ECB meeting. During the meeting, the European Central Bank (ECB) made no policy changes. Conclusively, the lack of change reflects the best-case outcome for mortgage rates. Simultaneously, the ECB made no mention of a specific time frame for starting to scale back its bond purchase program. For analysts, the meeting statement tone felt relatively dovish. Investors widely expect that the ECB tightens monetary policy rather than to loosen it. For now, holding steady exemplifies positive news. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve reported that household net worth at the end of the first quarter of 2021 soared 3.8% higher than at the end of 2020. Roughly $3.2 trillion of gains originated from stocks. Aside from stocks, $1.0 trillion stemmed from increased real estate values. Core CPI Improves Aside from the informative ECB meeting, the Consumer Price Index report came out. Analysts [...]

Good Hospitality Job Gains Fuel Hope in Promising Mortgage Market

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Friday’s labor report illustrated good hospitality job gains after a rough 2020. Overall, this continues to fuel hope in what’s quickly becoming a promising mortgage market.

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