Holiday Consumer Spending Surges as Feds Adjust for Colossal Inflation

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As holiday consumer spending surges, the Federal Reserve plans adjustments for the recent colossal inflation, hitting a 30-year high.

Latest Employment Report Reveals Job Gains Went Down

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This past week, analysts and investors closely watched the latest employment report. Unfortunately, it revealed that job gains went down, falling short of expectations.

Breakthrough Job Gains as Labor Market Makes Vast Improvements

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The monthly employment report brought stronger than anticipated data as the U.S. achieved breakthrough job gains and strong ISM data.

Good Hospitality Job Gains Fuel Hope in Promising Mortgage Market

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Friday’s labor report illustrated good hospitality job gains after a rough 2020. Overall, this continues to fuel hope in what’s quickly becoming a promising mortgage market.

Analysts See Strong Inflation Data While the Economy Reopens

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As the U.S. returns to "normalcy", analysts see strong inflation data while the economy reopens. Job openings hit record highs. The housing market continues to grow. More Americans are getting their COVID-19 vaccinations. And inflation shows renewed intrigue. But most importantly, investors observe how each of these components affect mortgage-backed securities. Analysts See Strong Inflation Data While the Economy Gains Jobs April's release of labor market and manufacturing data proved stronger than expected. While the stronger than expected return contributed to analysts seeing strong inflation data, mortgage rates barely changed. Employment Report The highly anticipated monthly employment report revealed very impressive results. In March 2021, the economy gained 916,000 jobs. Overall, this rose far above the consensus forecast of 625,000. In addition, analysts supplied added 156,000 jobs to prior month results. In particular, the hospitality and construction sectors displayed strength. This is especially interesting because both of these sectors suffered blowbacks during the pandemic. Average Hourly Earnings Average hourly earnings, an indicator of wage growth, fell slightly from February. Thus, the result did not reach the consensus, but saw a modest increase. Compared to 2020, average hourly earnings jumped 4.2% higher than a year ago. However, average hourly earnings dropped [...]

Coronavirus Pandemic Now Inspires Plummeting Inflation Alongside Reduced Activity

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While the stock market posted nice gains this week, mortgage markets stayed relatively quiet despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Stocks Plunge Amidst Latest Coronavirus Concerns in 2020

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This week, stocks plunged amidst the latest concerns regarding the coronavirus pandemic while investors shifted their to less risky assets.

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