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With the MBSQuoteline blog, we supply the latest mortgage-backed securities news, pricing, and analysis, Derived from our highly acclaimed MortgageTime™ newsletter, our weekly content shares market coverage and trends impacted mortgage rates. Additionally, MBSQuoteline summarizes each month with our monthly recaps, breaking down the economic reporting from an all-encompassing standpoint.

As a mortgage professional, your business is greatly impacted by changes in mortgage rates. The MBSQuoteline blog keeps you on the cutting-edge of those changes. From a client relationship perspective, the implications are many. An unexpected increase in rates may cause clients to change their mind about a loan you are discussing, cause them to not qualify, result in dissatisfaction with you as their loan officer, or result in other problems. Or you may offer a rate and point quote to clients which they accept, only to find out prices have moved swiftly and suddenly, and those terms are no longer available from your lender. The MBSQuoteline blog helps to facilitate this.

On the other hand, an improvement in rates, if you know about it and communicate it to your client, can create a loyal client for life when they benefit from it by receiving a better price or a lower rate. In your clients’ eyes, you are the expert guiding them through the financing process, and you greatly increase your credibility with them if you are informed and help them make better decisions. This is not to be confused with “playing the market and simply hoping rates improve”.

With the MBSQuoteline blog, you can chart MBS prices, learn about global news, and enhance your understanding of the mortgage industry on a weekly basis. You get many valuable mortgage originator marketing tools, including a personalized weekly newsletter to send to clients and referral sources, and to post on social media sites. Be the expert your clients expect with the most accurate information on the mortgage backed security market, and know what’s moving interest rates today, tomorrow and beyond.

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